We, Joost, Lennart and Victor, three friends from the Netherlands with a shared passion for clean design and cycling, the two most cliché Dutch things right after tulips and windmills, were really struggling to find brilliant fixed gear bikes in the shops nowadays. It seems that you have to either search the planet for good parts and build one yourself or buy one that is covered in ugliness and sets you back over a thousand Euros. Well that sucks!


So over a beer we boldly decided to design our own bike and try to bring it to the market for a reasonable price! We decided we’d want to really focus on the bare shapes defining a bike and on using the purest and nicest materials that would make our bike look and feel really classy and fantastic to ride! We made a small list of materials that gave us a good feeling and right after the cool metal and luxurious leather came… wood. The nice, warm, strong and familiar touch of a really well crafted beam of wood and, being the nerds that we are, we could only think of one word to describe that sensation: