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The Wootbikes Original is still, and will always be our first love. The minimalistic, slightly bent handlebar, the white tires and black frame have unmatched class and elegance and it is a great, great ride.

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All Wootbikes have handcrafted wooden handlebars. They are made of six layers of walnut and ash and the beam is slightly bent for an optimal grip. Feeling the rigidness reminds you of the fact that it’s a product of nature. The handlebar has a width of 16.5 inch (42 cm) to give you the mobility you need to ride through narrow or busy streets.


We have developed the best, most comfortable and classy saddle possible. Made from the thickest and strongest part of the cow’s hide, the leather is vegetable-tanned and has an open fibre structure which allows it to breathe as well as conduct friction heat away. Although the saddle already has a great ergodynamic shape, the leather will adjust to your body over time, making it an even more comfortable experience to ride a Wootbike.


The 23 inch (58,4 cm) frame is made of cromoly, an alloy which is also used in airplanes and handguns for its superb strength to weight ratio and its remarkable resistance to corrosion.
For the coating we use a wonderful matt black to compliment the leather of the saddle and the wood of the handlebar, giving the bike its classy looks.


The rims are made of special profiled aluminium to minimize air resistance and weight, giving you an extra speed boost when riding against the wind.
For the tires different kinds and brands were tried but eventually we came back to our first pick: a super slim tire made from specially developed L3R rubber, a material that is normally used in motorcycles for its incredible durability, grip and lightweight profile.


Riding fixed gear is awesome, the level of control it gives you really is unmatched. However, there are occasions where freewheeling could be more comfortable. That’s why this bicycle has a so called Flip-Flop Hub to get the best of both worlds! Simply reverse the rear wheel and you’ll have a vastly different cycling experience.

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Dimensions 100 x 20 x 80 cm

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